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One World, One Cosmos, One Breath
Download the Reverence for Life printable flyer!

Download the Reverence for Life printable flyer!

Download a 1 page “Daily Template” to use or share with as many people as you like. This is truly the greatest gift you could share. It’s what we do EACH DAY that creates our life practice.
Download a 1 page “Breathing Benefits” breathing deeply has many health benefits, physical, mental and emotional. This is based on real science.
Download the Breath-O-Matics Short CourseBasic Texts:
Global Citizenship Passport (Free pdf)
by Desmond Green
Trust Your Breath (Free pdf), by Desmond Green
Angels in Experience (only $7.99) by Dawn Vaz-Green
Learn to Breathe: The Whole-Body Breathing series
by Anna Coy – Exclusive FREE e-book!

The University of US

The Reverence for Life University (RFLU) wants you to discover the treasure that you already are. No more handing off your authority to someone, or something else.

The Mission of the RFLU is to Share The Practice, as a life skill-set resource with every person in the world – one conscious deep breath at a time!

Our School

The RFLU is introducing a “skill-set” (The Practice) that will provide the way that you can become the architect/orchestrator of your life, your creation and your experiences.

The foundation of this skill-set is Conscious Deep Breathing which is a physical/mechanical action and process to make sure your body and mind are getting adequate fuel to operate at maximum efficiency and capacity. The remaining “principles” contained in The Practice provide you simple ways to ensure that you remain balanced and centered. These principles provide a simple “template for successful living”. Come visit us!

Background of the Reverence for Life University as implemented in the Jamaican prison system in the 1990s. We have a Vision for expanding to the world, see Reaching Out – From Within. We have just re-made the little book “Passport: to a Healthy Life Style” and it is available for free, here as a pdf. This book was used by the Jamaican inmates, and it worked.